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“Short and sweet. These books are easy to comprehend.”

“These books are very easy to read and clearly outlined.”

“Easy to use, understand, and reference if needed.”

“Good layout and to the point.”

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Facilitating Change
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Conflict Resolution
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Why search for individual training when you have an entire library of tried and tested professional development books available to you?

When you use one or more of our Pinpoint Skill Development professional development guides that are easy to use, you get:

√  MORE PRODUCTIVE TIME to do what’s important
√  LESS WASTED TIME traveling and attending seminars and workshops
√  IMMEDIATE ACCESS to over 125 professional development books available at your fingertips
√  NEVER AGAIN fail to get the professional development training that you need

“Your work is incredible. Thanks for your expertise!”
—Ellen Eckhardt, Team STEPPS Master Trainer at Kaleida Health

Over 125 Pinpoint Professional Development Books
Delivering Proven Expertise

Which is why it’s such a shame most people fail to realize that…

√  Receiving quality professional development training for you is easier than you think, even on a limited budget with our Pinpoint Professional Development books
√  High-quality professional development content included within our Pinpoint Skill Professional Development books delivers proven techniques and expertise
√  Pinpoint Skill Professional Development books improves the successful delivery of your training
√  Our professional development books accommodate your busy schedule an can be conducted on the fly, just learn and apply

If you’re serious about professional development, we’re relieved that you found our website because results do matter.

Our Pinpoint Skill Professional Development books will most certainly save you time and money as well as a lot of frustration with a lack of critical business skills when they are needed the most.

Our Pinpoint Skill Professional Development books have been created to easily train you in targeted areas. The format has been purposely created to teach and transfer learning, allowing it to be easily adopted into the workplace.

“I prefer the self-study approach; it fits in with my schedule.”
“I just read each book, and then file it for future reference.”
“I like the fact that the format allows the books to be reviewed as time permits. All work has been conducted on personal, evening/weekend time.”
—User comments from Majorium Business Press Training Survey

Each of our Pinpoint Skill Professional Development books focuses on eight targeted concepts to lead step-by-step to develop comprehensive understanding of the topic and how to apply it to your lives. Each includes concepts, tips, techniques and strategies to apply the concept, questions to facilitate understanding, and actions plans to link training to the workplace that will help you and your employees increase productivity with new skills.

Each of Our Pinpoint Skill Professional Development Books
Is Complete and Comprehensive

We give you a range of our Pinpoint Skill Development books in leadership, management, sales, customer service and sales management that can be combined and tailored for any training need using straightforward, easy to follow step-by-step training guides to help you complete the training as you need for yourself or your employees.

Timothy F. Bednarz, Ph.D., who has worked with hundreds of companies since 1980, has written our Pinpoint Skill Development books. He has observed and identified the critical skills that contributed to their success and spotlighted the best practices in each area. Based upon his experience, he developed targeted skill training guides, focused upon specific critical skills to improve performance and produce results.

They are also unique as they:

  • Are tightly targeted to a specific training need
  • Deliver the appropriate amount of expertise
  • Focus on building skills
  • Share best practices
  • Come with step-by-step instructions
  • Contain practical strategies, tips and techniques on how to apply concepts
  • Are flexible in the use and application

“These books are great tools that should be used as guidelines for our everyday supervisory practices. You need to take the time to do a short self-evaluation when reading them.”
—User comment from Majorium Business Press Training Survey

“I like this because I can take them with me to read at a convenient time. I feel the little time I have to spend in the office is best use on activities that directly relate to revenue opportunities. I like the short amount of time it takes to keep up with these.”
—User comment from Majorium Business Press Training Survey

We have also created 31 Pinpoint Skill Development Training toolkits to create more comprehensive training programs covering a broader topic, while saving you 20% off our regular retail prices. Each toolkit includes multiple training guides that reinforce and cross-link training with each other. This allows you to train yourself or your employees to meet the specific needs and initiatives of your company.

“I have enjoyed reading these books. They are relevant to today’s work environment and the ongoing change in the way we manage our workforce.”
“I believe the contents of the Pinpoint Skill Development Series are excellent. It causes one to reflect on the daily dynamics in working with oneself as well as with management and peers.”
—User Comments from Majorium Business Press Training Survey

Have you ever thought for a moment
what it would be like
to have this amount of training resources
at you fingertips?

√  Immediate access to a range of training tools in leadership, management, sales, customer service and sales management. Start training yourself or your employees immediately.
√  Low acquisition costs. No subscription fee and no hidden or additional costs.
√  Our Pinpoint Skill Professional Development books cover all critical skills you would expect to develop for you or your employees.
√  Detailed and concise expertise and strategies within each book.
√  Appropriate for individual professional development needs.
√  Professionally presented content.

“These books will pay for the time that I am investing. There are numerous good ideas that will streamline what I do and how I do it.”
“All and all I think the Pinpoint series is a good program. I know other people I would love to have something like this. I think a lot of the suggestions are very useful, and can be applicable to everyday situations. If nothing else it’s a good reference guide to fall back upon if a situation arises in the future.”
“These books reinforce many concepts that I have learned through seminars, schooling and other programs. For myself, it serves as a constant learning tool that keeps me on top of the issues that many of us encounter every day.”
—User Comments from Majorium Business Press Training Survey

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Building Strong Teams
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Motivating Employees
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Workplace Harassment |
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