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Timothy F. Bednarz, Ph.D.    

Timothy F. Bednarz, Ph.D. is the author of the 125 books included in Pinpoint Skill Development Training Series. He has also authored Great! What Make Leaders Great, which was selected by Forward Review Magazine as one of the top ten career books published in 2011, as well as a finalist in the 2011 Forward Review Book of the Year Awards. He is also a contributing author of Practical Ethics for the Food Professional (Wiley and Sons, New York, NY), which will be published in 2013.

Dr. Bednarz brings a wide spectrum of over 30 years of professional experience as a business consultant and entrepreneur, buttressed by years of extensive research on the best practices of successful entrepreneurs and business leaders to create a number of truly unique books and content published on his blog and in a number of magazine articles.

He has the distinctive ability to organize data and information to visualize trends and patterns to develop and highlight effective solutions, as well as to take complex topics and concepts and make them understandable to the average person. This allows him to develop unique insight and perspectives, which he shares with his readers and audiences in his books and presentations. It is because of these abilities, that his books are unique in the content he provides, including focusing how to apply his recommended solutions to the workplace.

His work incorporates the lessons he learned from his own personal struggles as an entrepreneur, where he experienced disappointments and adversity and succeeded through a personal vision, supported by his persistence and perseverance, allowing him to empathize with his audience and present unique solutions from the perspective of one who has been in the trenches and who communicates what works and what detours and barriers to avoid.

Using these skills, Timothy Bednarz conceptualized and developed the Pinpoint Skill Development Training Series, a comprehensive professional business library, after working as a consultant with hundreds of companies since 1980.  He identified the critical skills that contributed to their success, and identified the best practices in each area of their businesses. Based upon his research, the tightly focused skill development books were created and designed after he distilled his knowledge and expertise into concise and easily understood concepts to improve performance, generate results and meet the specific objectives of his customers.

During his years as a business consultant, Dr. Bednarz has successfully worked with ADP, Stora Enso, 3M, Crain’s Cleveland Business, Ceridian, Ameritrust, Appleton, Caribou Coffee, Foremost Farms, General Electric, Trane and the States of Wisconsin and Ohio, as well as a number of other companies.

Although Timothy Bednarz is no longer an active business consultant, he is an active researcher, author, speaker and presenter.

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