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Our Readers Said:

“Short and sweet. These books are easy to comprehend.”

“These books are very easy to read and clearly outlined.”

“Easy to use, understand, and reference if needed.”

“Good layout and to the point.”

While each title in the Pinpoint Skill Development Training Series is published in a book form, they are really working tools that benefit you, your company and your employees.

Each delivers effective and comprehensive training at a price that is affordable to any business. This removes the most common reason why small and emerging businesses are unable to train their employees to build their business: cost.

You will discover that the Pinpoint Skill Development Training Series is completely different from anything else on the market. Each skill pack featured in the series is easy to use for mastering a skill in a quick and effective manner.

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Majorium Business Press is an independent publisher founded in 2010. It is in the business of helping people to be better at what they do, whether they are employees, managers, trainers, business owners, or consultants. It supplies expertise through its unique professional development library of over 125 books that educate individuals to learn new skills, or enhance existing ones to solve problems and improve their performance, providing flexible materials to use for developing training, discussions, coaching, or to supplement existing training.

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