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The Change Management Toolkit

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    The Change Management Toolkit gives access to our complete suite of change management training guides that leads you and your employees step-by-step through every facet of how to effectively manage change.

    Here’s What You Get

    The five change management training guides with the concepts taught within each of them that are part of The Change Management Toolkit include:

    Facilitating Change

    • The elements, factors and principles that define organizational change
    • Why change equates to opportunity
    • How to use change to increase performance
    • An effective leader’s response to change
    • Techniques to facilitate a positive impact on the organization
    • How to anticipate and handle your employees’ fear of change
    • Strategies and techniques to reduce your employee’s resistance to change

    The Impact of Change on Individuals

    • The personal impact of change upon individuals within the work environment
    • The process of change
    • The challenges that change presents
    • How change personally impacts you
    • Strategies to personally manage change
    • How decision making is impacted by change, and needs to be accordingly modified

    Improving Workplace Interaction

    • Strategies and techniques to develop and enhance workplace interaction and interactivity
    • The expected results and outcomes of developing and sustaining workplace interaction
    • How to develop employee support using interactive leadership
    • Why leadership by example works
    • How to deal with negative employees
    • How to apply mentoring techniques to assist your employees to achieve their personal goals

    Improving Communication in the Workplace

    • Strategies that enhance the development of effective communication
    • Techniques and strategies to improve and enhance communications in the workplace
    • How to apply effective strategies that enhance proactive two-way communications
    • Techniques to utilize proactive communication to prevent and resolve workplace issues
    • Strategies to overcome the primary barriers to effective communication
    • Techniques to communicate goals and direction to employees
    • Strategies to effectively communicate change
    • How to implement feedback and ideas from employees

    Building & Nurturing Trust in the Workplace

    • The elements, factors and principles that define trust
    • Why trust is an essential leadership characteristic
    • The critical factors and benefits of establishing trust in the workplace
    • How to build and forge strong bonds of trust
    • Techniques and strategies that enhance the establishment of trust
    • How to overcome problems and pitfalls related to issues of trust
    • Common pitfalls associated with trust building in the workplace
    • What to do when bonds of trust are broken

    BONUS: Negative Workplace Behaviors

    As a bonus when you purchase The Change Management Toolkit we will include as a FREE Bonus to you an additional training guide: Negative Workplace Behaviors ($18.95 value) which delivers strategies to manage difficult workplace behaviors. It helps leaders to effectively deal with problematic employee attitudes resulting in a loss of productivity and performance.

    Negative Workplace Behaviors will teach you or your employees:

    • The sources of employee problems
    • How to handle a negative employee
    • How to develop an employee contract to resolve behavioral problems
    • How to monitor and provide feedback to negative employees to correct behaviors

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