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The Sales Knowledge 1.0 Toolkit

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    The Sales Knowledge 1.0 Toolkit gives access to our complete suite of sales skills training guides that leads you and your salespeople step-by-step through every facet of developing essential selling skills they require to be successful.

    Here’s What You Get

    The five sales training guides with the concepts taught within each of them that are part of The Sales Knowledge 1.0 Toolkit include:

    Customer Expectations

    • The role of perceptions and expectations in sales
    • How to identify specific customer expectations
    • How to manage specific customer expectations
    • How to meet and exceed customer expectations
    • How to define and deliver value to assure customer satisfaction

    Diagnosing Customer Needs

    • The three specific types of prospects you will encounter
    • The negative consequences of failing to address the customer’s needs
    • The specific reasons behind your customer’s buyer’s motivation
    • The critical differences between needs and expectations and why they are important
    • Why adequate preparation is essential when identifying your customer’s needs
    • Strategies and techniques to uncover the customer’s points of pain and discontent
    • How to properly probe for your customer’s needs
    • How to identify your customer’s hot buttons
    • How to uncover your customer’s hidden needs and potential opportunities
    • Strategies and techniques to uncover your buyer’s personal needs
    • Whether or not needs are met is measured by your customer’s satisfaction

    Product Knowledge

    • The key elements of product knowledge
    • Why product knowledge is important to the sales process
    • How to develop effective product knowledge
    • How to transform product knowledge into expertise
    • How to maintain higher levels of product knowledge

    Competitive Knowledge

    • What competitive knowledge is
    • Why competitive knowledge is essential to sales success
    • How to develop effective competitive knowledge
    • How to transform competitive knowledge into expertise
    • How to maintain high levels of competitive knowledge

    Customer Knowledge

    • The importance of developing customer knowledge
    • The impact thorough customer knowledge has on sales
    • How to apply techniques to develop adequate customer knowledge
    • How to transform customer knowledge into expertise
    • How to leverage customer knowledge to assist in similar sales situations

    BONUS: Closing More Sales

    As a bonus when you purchase The Sales Knowledge 1.0 Toolkit we will include as a FREE Bonus to you an additional training guide: Closing More Sales ($16.95 value) which develops more productive sales skills that improves performance. It helps salespeople to increase sales volume by teaching them effective sales closing skills and strategies.

    Closing More Sales will teach you or your salespeople:

    • How to develop a closing strategy
    • The most effective closing techniques
    • Strategies and techniques that move the buyer forward and close the sale
    • How prospects provide you with buying signals and how to identify them
    • How to use your prospect‘s expectation of value to close the sale
    • How to get the buyer to agree to the sale
    • How to handle final closing objections
    • What to do if the buyer stalls
    • How to commit the buyer after the close to reduce buyer’s remorse

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