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Customer Service Skills 1.0 Toolkit

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    Customer Service Skills 1.0 Toolkit gives access to our complete suite of customer service skills training guides that leads you and your sales managers step-by-step through every facet of how to develop effective customer service skills to increase customer satisfaction and retention.

    Here’s What You Get

    The seven customer service training guides with the concepts taught within each of them that are part of Customer Service Skills 1.0 Toolkit include:

    Customer Service Representative’s Roles & Responsibilities

    • What you need to know to competently handle your job
    • The value of quality customer service
    • Your role in delivering quality customer service and what is expected of you
    • How to develop the competent customer service skills and knowledge
    • Strategies and techniques to develop good customer service skills
    • Techniques to develop a personal service attitude
    • How to handle the negative aspects of your job

    Effective Questioning Techniques

    • The value of effective questioning techniques
    • The purpose and structure of questioning
    • The proper use of questions to develop information
    • The use of proactive listening to gather information
    • The effective use of questioning to advance the customer relationship
    • The effective use of questioning to establish commitment

    Establishing Trust & Credibility

    • The importance of establishing trust and credibility in the service environment
    • Understanding your role and responsibility in building and fostering trust
    • Why trust is built on your personal credibility
    • How the customer’s previous experience impacts their level of trust
    • Why your personal actions impact your credibility
    • Techniques to build trust and credibility with your customers
    • Strategies you can use to reestablish trust and credibility in a broken customer relationship
    • How to appropriately use your company’s policy when dealing with customer problems


    • The importance of having effective listening skills
    • The pitfalls associated with poor listening skills
    • How to improve your listening skills
    • How to improve your service skills with effective listening techniques

    Delivering Exceptional Customer Service

    • How your customer defines exceptional customer service
    • The positive impact exceptional service has on your company
    • The negative consequences experienced by your company resulting from poor service
    • What is required of you to deliver exceptional customer service
    • How to develop a positive service attitude
    • How to set the tone for delivering exceptional customer service
    • Why exceptional service is defined by a close “attention to detail”
    • How to productively manage the customer’s experience and deliver sustainable and exceptional service

    Managing the Customer’s Experience

    • How you can personally influence a customer’s experience
    • How to identify your customer’s needs
    • How to value your customer’s business
    • How to make a positive and lasting impression on your customer

    Handling Angry & Hostile Customers

    • How to identify the reasons why customers are more demanding and increasingly hostile
    • How to understand the causes of customer anger and hostility
    • How to handle angry and hostile customers
    • How to understand how to handle the stress associated with angry and hostile customers

    BONUS: Managing Personal Stress & Burnout

    As a bonus when you purchase Customer Service Skills 1.0 Toolkit we will include as a FREE Bonus to you an additional training guide: Managing Personal Stress & Burnout ($12.95 value) which delivers tactics, strategies and techniques to manage and overcome personal stress and burnout. It helps customer service representatives to deal with the pressures, frustrations and stress associated with their jobs, reducing the likelihood of burnout.

    Managing Personal Stress & Burnout will teach you or your employees:

    • What causes stress in the workplace
    • What behaviors lead to personal burnout
    • The signs of personal stress and burnout
    • The differences between stress and burnout
    • Techniques to reduce personal stress levels
    • How to recognize the signs of personal burnout
    • How to work through personal burnout

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